Our Story


Heritage Community Development Corporation is a 501c3 non-profit, community based organization that began its journey to serve Chicago’s Southwest side community
in 2000.

Since inception, HCDC has focused on developing community based programs, services and initiatives that strengthen and revitalize underserved neighborhoods experiencing significant disinvestment.

Our focus is to connect individuals and the community to much needed day to day resources, while creating opportunities to stimulate economic growth.
What we BELIEVE 
  • Engaging diverse partners and constituents who are representative of all community stakeholders (cultures, seniors, faith based, youth).
  • Creating effective partnerships that serve the needs of our community.
  • Accountability and measured progress through our programs and projects.
  • Staying focused on key outcomes and monitoring community change.
  • A maintaining a spirit of gratitude to be part of a diverse community made up of individuals from different racial and ethnic backgrounds, religions, sexual orientations, perspectives and beliefs.
  • Diversity as a core component to our strength, which helps us to understand one another, have compassion, and do everything within our power to create a world where all are safe and can succeed.
Our Mission
The mission of HCDC is to:
1) Enhance the quality of life for families through supportive programming
2) Promote community health through recreation and wellness
3) Educate for enlightenment and empowerment at all age levels
4) Develop economic strategies for self-sufficiency and community viability
5) Provide support for social development and serve as a gathering place for village
6) Serve as a hub for education and information flow

What Makes Us Different?

"Where globalization means, as it so often does, that the rich and powerful now have new means to further enrich and empower themselves at the cost of the poorer and weaker. We have a responsibility of protest in the name of universal freedom.
Nelson Mandela 

We are the face of change.

The HCDC board and partners are committed to creating lasting change with dedicated resources, sound strategies and aggressive outreach practices.  Individually and collectively we seek to increase the community’s ability to flourish.

Collaboration is the ONLY way.

HCDC strives to consistently collaborate with stakeholders, partners, the community and residents to create, promote and implement strategies and programs that connect people to compelling opportunities.


As our community grows increasingly diverse and complex, there has never been a stronger need for programs and initiatives that promote tolerance, respect and inclusion through education and advocacy.  HCDC transforms communities into positive stories that create awareness to drive action.

Our Vision

"Vision with action is merely a dream.  Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world." Joel A. Barker

We envision a community where:

  • Quality of life standards are realized and community investment continues to increase for everyone.
  • Residents have opportunities to improve their education, personal economics and are afforded the opportunity to share in benefits created from a revitalized and redeveloped community.
  • Neighborhoods and people are properly served with accessible and affordable basic public facilities including schools, health services and neighborhood-serving businesses.
  • People respect each other regardless of their origin, language or economic status.

Why We Do
What We Do?

  • To establish inter-generational linkages between seniors and youth

  • To provide alternative education in a safe, supervised environment

  • To promote health and wellness education

  • To establish strategic partnerships with agencies/organizations already working on critical issues

  • To assist persons with challenges of societal re-entry

  • To organize HCDC leadership that maintains the confidence of our constituents

Our Partners Do What It Takes To Get The Job Done.
They’re creative, tenacious, and bold.
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